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What is CBC TECH 2020?


OGTV was honored to be invited to be a part of the media support for this historic event to launch a revolution to diversify inclusion in the technology industry. 

CBC TECH 2020 is an initiative to bring together the best minds in the tech, non-profit, education and public sector to increase African American inclusion at all levels of the technology industry.  The goal of the initiative is to achieve full representation of African Americans at every level of the industry by 2020

According to the Level Playing Field Institute, it is estimated that there will be 1.4 million new tech jobs by 2020, and 70% of those jobs will be unfulfilled  at the rate U.S. universities are producing qualified graduates for these roles.  African Americans are a largely untapped pool that can help this gap. The launch of CBC Tech 2020 is seeking to increase African American inclusion in all levels of the industry including: Boards of Directors,Executive Leadership, Workforce, Vendors, Suppliers, Contractors, Consultants, Philanthropy and Venture Capital Investments.

For more than 44 years, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) has been on the frontlines of fighting for opportunity and equality in education, healthcare, housing, and many other areas. The CBC and the tech industry share a commongoal: To transform our society by unlocking the human potential to develop solutions that will improve our lives and those of generations to come. America has yet to unlock the full potential of innovation because of the lack of African American representation in the technology industry. The CBC wants to help change this landscape.

The goals of CBC TECH 2020 has established the following mandate to adopt a Tech 2020 Diversity and African American Inclusion Plan:

CBC TECH 2020 seeks to:

1. Making African American inclusion a priority for the company’s Board of Directors and executive leadership, and integrating its commitment to inclusion of underrepresented minorities in the company’s values statement.

2. Setting clear, public goals to measurably increase the number of African Americans at all levels within the companies, with external contractors, and with its affiliated venture capital investment.

These goals should also include short-term solutions to increase African American representation in non-engineering or tech roles such as communications, legal, and accounting. Companies should report annually about their progress toward achieving these goals and disclose EEO- 1 data.

3. Providing significant financial and human capital resources to achieve these goals.
4. Sharing best practices to ensure broad success and long term viability of the tech sector.

5. Increasing the use of African American-owned vendors and requiring majority-owned vendors to meet specific diversity goals.

OGTV is an active media supporter for all efforts to help revolutionize the tech industry’s diversity and inclusion participation in Corporate America. 

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