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Can A Team Approach To My Brother’s Keeper, Succeed?

On July 21st of this week, President Obama visited Walker Jones Education Campus 
in Washington DC to discuss the My Brother’s Keeper’s initiative, According to the President, “My Brother’s Keeper isn't some new, big government program”.  “It's actually a team effort”.  It’s all about a whole bunch of folks -- educators, business leaders, faith leaders, foundations, and government -- all working together to give boys and young men of color the tools that they need to succeed and make sure that every young person can reach their potential.  The President stopped by Walker Jones to have a hour long chat with students, parents, educators, industry, NGO’s to announce some of the pledges that have already been made, and some of the commitments that have already been made by a series of institutions that reflect some of the progress that has been made since the launch of the initiative back in February.  

The President went on to say that the My Brother’s Keeper initiative has been able to recruit 60 of the country’s largest school districts committed to new efforts to help boys and young men of color succeed.  The Council of Great City Schools made up of some big city schools superintendents – who have made commitments to each other’s school districts, to their students, and to parents that the My Brother’s Keeper initiative will be a major focus for them. 

Additionally, President Obama confirmed that firms from Silicon Valley and the Emerson Collective are prepared to launch a $50 million competition to redesign high schools so that young people can learn in classrooms built for the 21st century, and so that the models that are out there of high schools that can help translate skills into successful careers.  Could it be that the My Brother’s Keeper task force issued to the President for review back in May 2014, and this new “team approach” could bring about bipartisanship agreement among policy leaders, and politicians to drive effectively down crime, incarceration of black and brown boys and young men, and drive up successful school to career entry, ensure an increase in the number of innovators, and entrepreneurs among our Black and Brown young men?  Could corporations walk away from the Board rooms of corporate America join the ranks of organizations like The College Board, AT&T, UBS, JPMorgan, City Foundation, and Discovery Communications to commit to help young black and brown men get ahead?

My father, George Thomas Moore who only had a GED education, was one of the wisest men I ever knew for his time, and he would use these parochial sayings in guiding me, like, “time is a healer and a revealer”.  So our OGTV question of the Day is twofold; Can time with My Brother's Keeper heal the sins of our past disregard for attention to the focus of Black males need for mentorship, access to education, and capital? and, Can over time, this team effort “reveal” that it was a White House Executive order like My Brother’s Keeper that helped to improve urban America, increase corporate diversity, and increase the number of healthy in-tack families who give under represented youth a fighting chance to be successful?  To those of us who want to believe in the affirmative on both of these questions, my great old Dad would say; “Son, you don’t need to eat a whole cow to know that its beef!  My Brother’s Keeper may have enough “beef” to give America a new fighting chance for the team to succeed.

OGTV would like to thank the staff writers at the White House for their contribution to this article, and want to thank Civil Survival for their sponsorship of this story.  CSS, Partnering with Government and Nonprofits To Provide Hope Through Education.

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