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A History of Innovators-“EveryDay"

Featured OGTV, Vernon Jordan at the ELC Gala OGTV, Vernon Jordan at the ELC Gala


OGTV will further its research to look into the educational profiles of these great producers of innovation.  Using data from the IPEDS Data Center, and reflecting on the lives of these not always so well known innovators, data proves out that the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) community continues to be a more effective producer of Black STEM graduates at the undergraduate level than the nation's non-HBCUs taken as a whole. To be more specific, HBCUs are almost twice as productive as non-HBCUs with regards to black female graduates in STEM and more than five times as productive of black female STEM graduates as the for-profit institutions that have enrolled substantial numbers of black undergraduates in recent years

Be A History Maker

 With the upcoming Louis Stokes Alliance For Minority Participation Symposium (LSAMP) 2016 February 22-24 to be held at the Gaylord Hotel and hosted by the National Science Foundation, we thought that today’s 18 minute video best depicts the excitement we have at OGTV on proclaiming that“EveryDay,” a Black American is making History when they are producing a product or service that the world can use.  When we think about the mission of the National Science Foundation to promote the progress of science, to advance the national health, prosperity, an welfare, and to secure the national defense, we realize that this mission could never be accomplished without Diversity.  NASA’s mission to place man on mars, Vice President Biden, President Obama, and the medical industry’s most recent focus on curing cancer by 2020, and NIH’s commitment to bring diversity to medicine by deploying the mission of Precision Medicine, to the FDA and USDA's need to identify sources of both nutrition and bacterias in foods to prevent and to cure diseases, none of this can be done without diverse ethnic, racial, cultural, and socio economic variations.

So "EveryDay" there is this tremendous opportunity for our young people to gain the courage to explore, have the curiosity to test, experiement, and discover.  And now in the 21st century this opportunity should excel to new heights and so it is EveryDay, we seek to make history by spotting an innovator in our midst.  OGTV thanks the tremendous outpouring for the support of our campaign and we continue to welcome videos, stories, and support that helps us to Keep it Locked 365@ www.opengovtv.com

Call us at 202-469-3423 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It is Black history that we see from this video only to quickly realize the poor publication of stories of invention made by African Americans get’s lost in the media, and at best, emerges for 28 days out of the year.  In honor of STEM Diversity, OGTV seeks to keep this history in the forefront of our minds as we declare that Black History is not 28 days of the year, but “EveryDay.”   So Keep it Locked 365 to the online video community that engage, educates, and empowers you.



A History of Innovators Keith Holmes and The Association of Multicultural Members of Partners:MGH.


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