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OGTV & The 100 Black Men of Greater Washington D.C. have joined Forces to Address “What Works”

Washington, DC 05 April 2016 - OGTV, LLC has recruited the assistance of The 100 Black Men of Greater Washington DC’s (The 100) “STEM The 100 Way” Initiative to help effectively address the “What Works” Project through their auspicious member’s abilities to design and implement avant-garde STEM enrichment and education programs and deliver them to the underserved and under-represented students in the Greater Washington DC area.

Through STEM The 100 Way, ‘The 100and its members are providing a consortium of mentors, program development and STEM Focused enrichment for students. The participating educators and tutors are dedicated to the education of and exposure to minority, female, and otherwise underserved students with the expressed purpose of improving those specified students’ academic performance, perspective, and placement
for current school year, and academic terms moving forward. This initiative has positioned the chapter as a community cornerstone to garnering technological inclusion into the emerging global educational, industrial, and economic ecosystem. The partnership will actively invite public/private partnerships to serve the immediate STEM education and mentoring needs of African-American and additional under-served communities.

“Minorities and women are severely under-represented in STEM professions and careers in the United States without question... However, our first and utmost commitment is to provide consistent and sustainable programming for students to be exposed and trained by proven successful STEM methods, systems, and most importantly personnel and mentors. In addition to our partnership with AEOP, “STEM The 100 Way” has successfully implemented several STEM programs during the school year in the underserved Wards (Ward 7, Ward 8) in Washington D.C. to address these issues.” stated Kevin Walter Smith, Chairman of the 100 STEM Education Committee.

In 2013, The 100 officially partnered with the Army Educational Outreach Programs’ (AEOP) flagship program known as the Gains in the Education of Mathematics & Science (GEMS). This partnership was focused targeting students from underrepresented communities to be exposed to the nationally implemented summer STEM Program and curriculum. Since the inception of the partnership in 2013, The 100 has assisted the GEMS program in the Greater Washington DC area in attaining the highest number of minorities and young female applicants and participants in the nation. The 100 has been able to service over 1,500 local area minority students alone through this partnership.

“OGTV and 100 BMOGWDC will go around the Greater Washington DC area and the country gathering data while promoting a local, regional and nationally linked partnership to educate families, youth, parents, industry and NGO’s about the availability of STEM programs that effectively engage, educate, and culturally empower our audiences. This partnership is a very targeted approach to eliminate the waste of unmeasured programs that fail to generate results” says Keith Moore, Founder of Internet channel OpenGovTV.com, and President of KDM & Associates, LLC, a well-known consulting firm based in Washington D.C.


OpenGovTV.com is a multi---platform web site featuring resources, news, experts on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and provides analysis of the global impact on education, politics, and business. OGTV possesses the technical know---how, and content expertise to deliver OGTV’s media and marketing expertise as a leader in connecting enterprising programs and entrepreneurs to federal programs on STEM, with a unique focus on HBCU’s and HSI’s.

The 100 Black
Men of Greater Washington DC’s Science, Technology, Engineering, &

Mathematics (STEM) The 100 Way Initiative will provide educational and enrichment opportunities and programs that will address the technological divide in the African-American and under-served community in the Greater Washington DC metropolitan area. The aim of STEM The 100 Way Initiative is designed to create hands on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs and activities in giving minority, female, and at-risk youth in underserved communities’ exposure to new experiences in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math to compete for academic scholarships, and help students enter into top colleges and STEM careers in the future. To see the STEM The 100 Way Video, please visit: 

ABOUT 100 Black Men of Greater Washington DC

100 Black Men of Greater Washington, D.C. (100 BM of GWDC), Inc. is a 501(c3) organization founded in 1995 by an alliance of African-American men, dedicated to giving time to improve the quality of life and enhance the lives of young people and adults in the Washington Metropolitan Area. The 100 BM of GWDC's Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is #18149. The 100 BM of GWDC, Inc. is an affiliate of the 100 Black Men of America (100 BMOA). The 100 BMOA is devoted to improving the quality of life for African-Americans- particular young men - through the "Four for the Future" program. This consists of Mentoring, Education, Health & Wellness and Economic Development. The 100 BMOA have more than 10,000 members in the US, England and Virgin Islands. For more information, please visit our website at www.100blackmendc.org. 



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