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Understanding the very process associated with the pursuit of any worthwhile goal helps to both shape and define clarity when it comes to developing an idea and achieving the mission.  Now that we launched our Black History Month Campaign is“EveryDay” in Honor of STEM Diversity, it has become clear to me that we have a disconnect between what the public understands about all of this “data" that is being made available thanks to technology and the internet.  It’s actually a laughable conundrum to me that we started Open Government TV knowing that it was our primary intent to help the public understand the information government was putting out into the public square.  And on the converse, it is sa to know of the communities who are not connected to the internet, schools with unprepared teachers for 21st century education, and income and socioeconomic challenges that create wide disparities in access to education and information.  Unlike the advocacy organizations who have for years, demanded that we make information “Open” and (transparent), OGTV established Open Government TV so that you the American people could understand the complicated, and often not well appreciated, government infromation called public policies.   As we present today’s next Black History Month is “EveryDay” Feature story, we choose to use a simplifying and summarizing theme to bring attention to the important matters of America. Especially during a season of high political debate, there are various segments of our population who have their favorite position pre-disposition on matters of importance.  But, it would be hard to find many who would deny that information is powerful (I always say) "when you know what to do with it”.  

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