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Keith Moore

Keith Moore

Keith Moore brings to the TEAM, knowledge of Government, Community, Small Business, and the historical challenges associated with Government meeting socio economic goals.

In 1996, Keith Moore received the Martin Luther King Jr Community Service Award by the National Association of Advancement for Colored People. As a result of assessing the problems that caused the community of Asbury Park New Jersey to have the highest rate of unemployment, crime rates, and incidents of drug convictions in Monmouth County, Keith decided to convert one of his family owned health care facilities into a drug and alcohol halfway house for men and women. This first time ever conversion of a state licensed boarding home to a licensed Half way house rapidly became a part of the solution to reduce the number of homeless addicts residing in the city. EXODUS House became a seven year success for human restoration, and also became the catalyst that changed public policy at the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, and Department of Health. The approval to convert a class C boarding home into a licensed residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility initiated changes in regulations for the boarding home industry. Keith’s command of public policy has benefited community, business and government, and empowered those most vulnerable, challenged and least financed.

Keith as a result of his success in the waterfront community of Asbury Park, became a frequent guest on NJN Network and Comcast, and was characterized as a community leader, and one who believed in the development of innovative approaches to community development. EXODUS House offered drug and alcohol rehabilitation services to addicted men and women for six months with housing, education, job training, and a second chance at a productive life. In 1997, the State of New Jersey agreed to purchase the facility located one block from the Asbury Park beach. Once the EXODUS House was purchased, Keith was appointed in 1997 by the Governor of New Jersey and Secretary of Commerce to the position of Account Executive to the New Jersey Commerce & Economic Growth Commission. His appointment led to a position as Director of Public Affairs and Community Relations working directly for Governor Christie Todd Whitman in the Governor’s Camden New Jersey office helping to advance the allocation of over 250 million dollars of revitalization funds into the city of Camden. (Second poorest city in the country).

Today, Keith Moore, a nationally renown community activist, small business advocate, and government affairs expert communicates his firm’s grasp of public policy as OGTV leads the nation by example. OGTV, founded by Keith Moore December 31, 2009, is the first internet TV program in America to film, and promote the White House’s Executive Order on the Open Government Directive by concentrating on the policy’s attention on small business. OGTV as a Division of KDM, and web based video platform, engages large businesses, and helps small businesses succeed in government contracting. KDM, thanks to OGTV, is well positioned to help government, and large businesses meet their small business diversity goals, and NGO’s to meet their mission by using innovative online approaches to education and outreach.

For more information about Open Government TV visit www.opengovtv.com and call us at 202-449-7705 to set up an appointment.

Website URL: http://www.opengovtv.com

President Obama's Message: Pass a Budget and End the Government Shutdown

Today, President Obama met in the Oval Office with Americans who will benefit from today's opening of Health Insurance Marketplaces. Following the meeting, the President delivered a statement to the press where he discussed the continued implementation of the Affordable Care Act as well as the government shutdown that began today due to Congress's inability to act.

Watch President Obama's statement here:

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National security will remain intact despite shutdown, Hagel says

Chuck Hagel, DOD

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel briefs reporters in Seoul, South Korea, Oct. 1, 2013. (Photo: Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo)

U.S national security won’t be affected by the current government shutdown, as agencies responsible for protecting the nation will continue carry out their missions, according to the Defense Department’s top leader.

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What's Affected by a Government Shutdown?

Congress has two jobs to do: pass a budget and pay its bills. Yesterday, Congress failed to fulfill its responsibility to pass a budget and as a result, much of the Federal government will shut down.

Below, find an overview of some of the government services and operations that will be impacted until Congress passes a budget to fund them again.

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FedWire: Government shutdown, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and NIST prototype

FedWireFedWire is FedScoop’s afternoon roundup of news and notes from the federal IT community. Send your links and videos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Government shuts down for first time in 20 years.

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President Obama's Letter to Federal Employees on the Shutdown of the Government

Today, President Obama sent a letter to all federal employees, thanking them for the work they do everyday and pledging to do everything in his power to reopen the government as soon as possible. Read the full letter here or below:

For more information:

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Government shuts down for first time in nearly 20 years

Monday night, members of Congress went back and forth throwing punches under the dome as the minutes until midnight and the end of the fiscal year ran out.

For the first time in nearly two decades, Congress failed to decide on a budget and appropriations for government spending ran out.

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Here's How a Government Shutdown Hurts the American People

If the United States government shuts down tonight and our economy takes a hit, it will be because House Republicans let it happen. Instead of allowing a simple yes or no vote on a bill that funds the government for a few more weeks, the government that these Republicans were elected to serve will close down.

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