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USA Science & Engineering Festival-The SuperBowl of STEM-Does it Work To inspire The Next Generation

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I cannot begin to thank you enough for such an amazing experience! I only wish I knew about it sooner so I could've taken advantage of all 3 days with my son. It was fun, it was engaging, it was obviously educational, my son is beyond inspired, and that's most what I want to thank you for.

My son is a smart, curious kid, but he also has dyspraxia (fine motor trouble, he's slow to get work done, etc). He started school this year SO excited about first grade. He gets the material, but he gets held in from recess to finish work, etc and his enthusiasm for school, and learning, has taken a beating this year. You people and your PHENOMENAL festival single-handedly, in a single day, re-inspired him and gave him SUCH a shot of confidence, it is just amazing. He is literally standing taller, days later, due to the successes he had doing experiments, and from encouragement he received from "real scientists". He is still talking most of all about how his lego structure survived the tsunami tank , among other things. While waiting for the metro he looked up at me with wonder in his eyes and said, "can you believe it mom? REAL SCIENTISTS said to me that I had good ideas!" I can't begin to tell you what that means to him, and to me, for a kid w ho's always hearing about how slow he is, or how messy his handwriting is, to give him a kind word, to entertain his questions, and to give him feedback on his ideas, was nothing less than a gift. To us both. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

We came from TN for this event. My son is 17 and was looking at physic as a degree choice. We met some amazing folks who provided some great information! I think the decision has been made. I would like to say thank you to all the NASA staff and other educators for encouraging my son to "find something fun! Enjoy what you do!" kind of job.




In this week’s address, the President discussed important steps the Administration has taken to encourage competition – the most essential ingredient in a healthy free market. Right now, too many companies are engaging in behaviors that stifle competition, stacking the deck against consumers, workers, and small businesses. The President emphasized that this isn’t fair – and that’s why he is doing everything he can to reverse this trend and to promote more competition. 

The President said that’s also why his Administration is encouraging the FCC to open up set-top cable boxes to competition, which will allow for companies to create new, innovative, higher-quality, lower-cost products – because it’s good for workers, businesses, and our economy.

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This week, the President commemorated Equal Pay Day by designating a new national monument, hosted smart girls and boys at the 6th White House Science Fair, met with the National Security Council to discuss the counter ISIL effort, and kicked off the Wounded Warrior Ride. That's April 8th to April 14th or, "I Understand We Have a Live Chicken!"




Today, the President released his 2015 federal income tax returns. The President and the First Lady filed their income tax returns jointly and reported adjusted gross income of $436,065. The Obamas paid $81,472 in total tax. The President’s effective federal income tax rate is 18.7 percent.

The President and First Lady also reported donating $64,066 – or about 14.7 percent of their adjusted gross income – to 34 different charities.



Today, building on efforts over the last seven years, the President is launching a new initiative to stoke competition across our economy, so that no corporation can unfairly squeeze their competitors, their workers, or their customers at everyone’s expense. Stronger competition matters because it can deliver lower prices, higher quality, and better customer service for consumers.



Tax Day is just around the corner. As Americans across the country file their taxes, it's worth taking a look at the progress we've made and the ongoing work in making our tax code fairer. 

Back when Senator Obama was running for President in 2007, he said:

"Our tax policy has been skewed toward the top 1 percent and away from the middle class, [and] working class in this country.


Today, President Obama will host his sixth and final White House Science Fair, welcoming students from across the country to show us how they are going to change the future of America.

“As a society, we have to celebrate outstanding work by young people in science at least as much as we do Super Bowl winners.


When all people know their country is invested in their success, we are all better off. Together, we must rid our society of the injustice that is pay discrimination and restore the promise that is the right of every American: the idea that with hard work, anyone can reach for their dreams and know no limits but the scope of their aspirations.



Today is Equal Pay Day -- the day when we mark how far into the new year women have to work to earn the same as men did in the previous year.

To talk about how we can work toward giving every woman a fair shot at success, Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett wrote this message to Fairygodboss, an online community of people who share a common passion for improving the workplace for women.

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