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Black History Month and STEM Diversity is “EveryDay”


Our goal with our campaign is to inspire those who follow a vision,  and for us to be available to help in any way that we can as media marketing turn their vision into reality.    In our research of Black History Month activities, past ceremonies, and month long events, we have noticed that people who have become legendary, and are mentioned in the history books, all have possessed a special type of purpose driven passion.  The image of the typical visionary looks similar to a fighter who Steps In The Ring, and then charges after his/her opponent with only one thing in mind; and that is to win.  OGTV has launched February 1, 2016, a national campaign reflecting on our commitment to advocate for an idea that you’re not likely to hear on the nightly news, or read about in The Daily News.    In fact, it is safe to say that most of America is accustomed to celebrating Black History month ONLY 30 days out of the 365 which equates to less than 10% of the time throughout the year to promote and highlight Black achievement.  And as we look at income inequalities, health disparities, education access, and the non minority STEM skilled versus minority STEM skilled available talent, there is a significantly more number of non minorities studying and professionally practicing in the STEM fields, in contrast to African Americans.   It is our belief that a new focus on STEM Diversity success, of minority wealth creators, and Black and Brown innovators should be given more focused attention.  Much more time than 10%.  We believe that by giving another 90% of deliberate attention to minority students, the nation will experience a dramatic increase in minority STEM success, and this is the goal that OGTV will pursue "EveryDay"

What IF

What if we deliberately helped to increase the numbers of days that we focused on highlighting Black success beyond Black History Month?  We can not certify the answer, but for the next 365 days, OGTV is going to study the impact and seek partners to help us determine the measure of impact that we can have as a media company on advancing STEM Diversity success. 

As you take the time to go through each video STEM Diversity story that we publish, I believe that you will see why we launched this campaign. We also believe that you will agree that there is a positive story 365 days of the year that reflects minority progress. We believe there is a place for you in history.   Send us your video success story of a STEM Diversity success.  We want professional people to inspire students, and students to share to motivate professionals. The exchange will make people more open to discuss Diversity and Inclusion, and study's may show that the effort will make students more inspired to become STEM excited.  

To send your article, and or your video or both, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If you would like us to interview you, call 202-469-3423 and ask for an appointment. 




Black History Month and STEM Diversity is “EveryDay” Isis Fuller


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