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Viral Video for State Representive
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Website Development
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Viral Video for State Representive Project Details

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Project Description:

Looking to create a 3-4 minute video for a local state representative that is very active in the Detroit Hispanic community. The client is interested in creating a music video / documentary that is very similar to the video created by 50 Cent -  My Music is My Sport:

The background music will consist of a song written by Alicia Keys called "New Day" and can be found here:

The project will require shooting video at the following locations:

- Clients office in Lansing, MI  - Half Day Shoot

- Southwest Detroit - Full-Day Shoot

The final product will consist of 3-4 minute edited video so please include editing time in your bid.

The script is attached


Skills Required:

YouTube, Animation, Advertising, Branding

Additional Files:

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